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Rules for the use of Camp Cullom

ALL Rules MUST be followed at ALL times.  No exceptions!  Failure to follow these rules are grounds for immediate removal from the Camp and forfeiture of any & all reservation fees.


1.  All groups must have at least two (2) adults (18 years or older) with the group at all times.




1.  Only one (1) vehicle per campsite will be allowed to unload equipment at a time.  The vehicle must be returned to the designated parking area.  All other vehicles must remain in the parking lots.  Groups, with trailers or buses must check in with the Ranger before taking their trailer or bus into a camp.  No vehicles are allowed off main road or parking lots.

2.  The maximum speed limit within the camp is 8 mph at all times.

3.  No All-Terrain Vehicles allowed.



Health & Safety

1.  No alcoholic beverages or illegal narcotics of any kind are allowed on the property.

2.  Fireworks, slingshots, or other propellant devices are not allowed in camp.

3.  Firearms and bows & arrows are permitted with written permission from the Board of Directors.

4.  No Liquid fuels allowed in buildings.

5.  Absolutely no sledding or skiing is allowed on the hill.




1.  Campfires are permitted in established areas only.  No fires are to be left unattended at any time for any reason.  Firewood must be neatly stacked, out of the way.  Do not dispose of burnt wood outside campfire ring.

2.  No cutting of trees or shrubs without the permission of the Ranger.  The user should supply firewood, unless other arrangements are made with the Ranger.

3.  No trenching of tents is permitted.

4.  Please help us keep your camp as natural and as beautiful as possible.  Trash left on the site will be disposed of at a fee of $5.00 per day.



Respect Your Neighbors

1.  Respect the privacy of your neighbors.  Do not enter their areas unless invited.

2.  11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. are quiet hours and all campers are to be in their camp areas at that time.




1.  Any strange vehicles or individuals going through camp should be reported immediately to the Ranger.

2.  Other camp buildings and equipment, which are not used or are not part of your campsite, are considered off limits.

3.  All supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags are to be supplied by the user.

4.  Kitchen equipment may be checked out through the Ranger.

5.  Naturalist programs are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis when available.

6.  A key can be issued with 48 hours notice if no other access to the camp is possible due to the Ranger's absence.

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