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Oh the possibilities!

Camp Cullom offers eight separate campsites for pitching tents or hauling in pop-up type campers.  No electrical hook-ups or sewage treatment facilities are provided for campers.  Of course, there are latrines as well as full-service bathrooms and showers located at the Nature Center and Lodge.
You will need to work closely with the Ranger Hoppy Bray for camp and facility availability.
Jump on over to our Reserve Camp page to complete the appropriate form for reserving Camp Cullom for your activity.  
Camp Cullom has over 5 miles of hiking trails, 3 of which are handicap accessible.  The difficulty of our hiking trails is 'easy' to 'moderate.'  There are no 'difficult' trails at Camp Cullom.
Camp Cullom boasts one of the top 6 disc golf courses in the state.  With 24 holes, there is something to challenge every disc golfer.  Built by Nathan Pillion as an Eagle Scout project, the course has already earned several awards. 
The playground area has several types of action and stationary objects to play with such as; swings, slides, jungle gym, volleyball court, and a train, tractor, & truck to climb on.  There are also picnic tables, benches, and a shelter house right next to the playground.
Our observatory is located under on of the darkest rural skies in the area.  Hundreds of youth and adults have "toured the heavens" the facilities at our Prairie Grass Observatory.  Your evening under the stars can include a special slide presentation that will take you on a whirl-wind tour of the universe.
The observatory gets its name from the is located in the middle of one of the largest stands of Tall Prairie Grass in the state of Indiana.
Each year, this grass grows to a height of about 7-8 feet, creating a wonderful wind and light block for the observatory.
Be sure to visit their website at to get a list of activities and dates, including public open houses.


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