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Solar Energy Saving Money at Camp Cullom

Thanks to a grant from Tipmont REMC, Camp Cullom is saving money on its electric bill every month while teaching visitors to the camp about the advantages of solar energy.

Camp Cullom and Tipmont REMC recently installed a bank of solar panels south of the Nature Center.  The new installation will actually allow the electric meter at the Camp Cullom Nature Center to run backwards, thus saving the Camp money on its electric bill.

The installation process itself, including drilling and other electric tools needed to install the panels, were energized by the panels themselves.  The installation did not require energy from the “electrical grid”.

Twice every year the panel angle will be changed to maximize the solar angle for summer or winter sun rays.  The panel will be changed about every March 21 and September 21 to maximize the solar collection potential of the panels.

According to initial calculations from Tipmont REMC, the entire Nature Center will now be able to run on Solar Energy year-round from energy from these panels.

Click on the button to the right to view an update on how much energy the solar panels are saving - in dollars, Carbon Footprint, and Trees!

Camp Cullom is a United Way Agency and is owned by the children of Clinton County.

Tipmont REMC installed the solar power panels at Camp Cullom with a  Tipmont REMC grant worth about $10,000.00.

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